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  • Mortgages Portugal
    Mortgages Portugal

    Applying for a mortgage can seem like a daunting task regardless of location. Ideal Homes Mortgages was founded on the very premise of making buying property an enjoyable experience. Our primary service is to assist clients with property financing and mortgage brokerage with the best financing partners in the industry. We guide our clients through all the necessary requirements when applying for a property loan and work to ensure the most competitive interest rates and condition for their property financing.    Qualification Process Whether an investor is purchasing a holiday home, permanent residence or rental investment, we advise going through a “pre-qualification process”. This entails the possibility of approval, understanding of budget and repayment expectations,  applicable terms and possible interest rate. This is not a loan guarantee, but rather a guide for the client to understand the process and expectations should a loan be approved.   Documentation Portugal has a very transparent property purchasing and mortgage system, to ensure this there are strict document requirements. We advise clients have all of their personal and financial documentation in order.    General Documents: Passport Proof of address  Credit report Bank statements Savings account statements Valuations of investment portfolios Employed clients: Pay slips, last 3-6 months Last tax submission Employer's reference Self employed clients: Profit & Loss, 1-3 years Last company tax return Last personal tax return Business bank statements, last 3 months *A national Portuguese tax number will be required, assistance to obtain can be provided if needed.     Property Financing Considerations Loan amount must not exceed 80% of the mortgage valuation or purchase price (whichever is lower).  Clarity on repayments, how long will repayments take Residency or non residency status Special residency programs, Golden Visa, Serphradic Jewish Ancestry Lending criteria - rural/rustica property or farmhouse properties are unlikely to be accepted Bank Repossessions Excellent investments can be found for personal use or pure rental investment through bank repossessions. Banks are currently offering up to 90% financing with interest rates as low as 1%, some of these fixed for extended periods. These considerations are extended dependant on individual circumstances.   Free Mortgage & Property Consultation Ideal Mortgages, being part of Ideal Homes, provides a full suite of services from tailored viewing trips, to help you find your perfect home, all the way through to getting the lights turned on, and your home furnished after purchase. We also manage the property for you in your absence, and our rentals division will manage your property marketing and bookings, so you can enjoy your property investment abroad with peace of mind.   Still looking or found your ideal property, and interested in a free consultation to start charting your journey of investing real estate abroad? Its our pleasure to help guide and ensure you have the information you need to feel confident and secure in your investment decision today and in the future. Simply get in touch to have a chat.  

  • Mortgage Calculator
    Mortgage Calculator

    Property tops the list of large purchases most of us will ever make so it's important to understand costs. To do so, you may find the calcuator above a helpful tool to understand your mortgage costs, and assist with your financial planning.  Remeber this information is computer generated and these are estimates only. For a personalised calculation or to speak to a mortgage specialist to ensure calculations are accurate before acting on the information provided, please contact us.  We cannot accept responsibility for errors and ask that you report any faults you find in the calculations. 

  • Currency Exchange
    Currency Exchange

    Buying and investing in property abroad often requires foreign exchange and payment services to financial navigate in the currency of the chosen country. Having a large percentage of our clients transact in non euro currency for international money transfers means we are well accustomed to the needs and exchange requirements involved when making payments. We work with certified foreign exchange partners who offer personal transfers and corporate exchange services.   Whether you need to make one-off or regular payments, using an exchange service can save you money on exchange rates and provide you with guidance of the foreign exchange market, ensuring you have your funds transferred to where you need them to be at a lower fee than most banks.   Exchange Service Advantages Competitive exchange rates Online money transfers 24/7 Free phone consultation   Secure customer funds First transfer free for Portugal Resident readers

  • Rental Investments
    Rental Investments

    With 2016 being commended as a historic year for Portugal, and 2017 continuing with the country winning 10 International Travel Awards, plus adding to its Michelin stars, Portugal seems set on a positive trajectory forward.   Lisbon, the capital has received considerable international attention appears poised to take a lead as the new creative and digital capital of Europe. Over the last two years it has attracted globally known artists, events and further developed its strong wine and food culture The Algarve, in southern Portugal, has seen a considerable increase in tourism and investment in holiday homes and rental properties. Known as the tourism capital of the country it has proven successful in managing tourism volumes well in excess of its own population. The region recently receiving not one, but five tourism “Oscars”, including “Best Tourism Board” for the second year in a row and positioned the Algarve as the big winner of the 2017 Publituris Travel Awards.   Algarve Tourism History & Indicators Looking back to the period between January to May, growth rates were strong and increased compared to the same period in 2016. According to leading indicators, the income acquired for this duration totalled €240MM in comparison to the €200MM for 2016,  a growth of 19.7%. Overnight stays, in January to May 2016 were 5.2 million whereas in for the same time period in 2017 they had risen to 5.7 million, showing an increase of 9.5%.   In 2016, Faro airport recorded just over 7.6 million passengers arriving into the Algarve, this figure was up 18.5% in 2015. In the first 8 months of 2017, (January-August) over 6 million passengers had arrived into the Algarve, up 13.9% over the identical period for the previous year, which recorded 5.3 million passengers. These figures are a clear indicators of how Portugal’s tourism, mainly the Algarve, is growing annually. Algarve Rental Market The region has seen continuous increase in homeowners making the decision to rent their properties during peak seasons, allowing for directly benefit from the growing tourism industry. Foreign investment in Algarve real estate market for rental income has also been on the rise as investors  become more aware of the regions potential. Properties purchased for rentals have consisted of two (or more) bedroom apartments, sometimes multi unit purchases as well as villas, and estates. These investments have also been supported through financial incentives issued by the Portuguese government, through programs such as Non Habitual Residency, Golden Visa amongst others.   Algarve Rental Services Ideal Homes Rentals Package helps ensure your property is seen by would-be holidaymakers in the competitive rentals market, along with taking the stress out of the bookings process - meaning you can sit back, relax and reap the benefits. Some of the services provided are as follows; Arrangement of adverts placed across an established network Full rental administration Deposits, payments etc paid seamlessly into you account Flat rate commission

  • Estate Management
    Estate Management

    Owning a home overseas sounds simple enough - purchase a property and when you fancy a holiday, off you go. Although, who will take care of your investment while you’re not in the country? Something to consider when buying a property abroad is how to maintain the property regularly without being there personally.   Ideal Homes Portugal believes owning a property should be a pleasurable, profitable and stress free experience for everyone involved. Acting as your eyes and ears on the ground by offering a variety of services to put you at ease that your property is in safe hands. No matter if it’s a rental investment or holiday home, the service provided can cater to all home types.     Some of the services include having someone on hand to organise and assist with everything required for a new home as soon as the property is chosen, from the formal processes right through to the preparation of your new home for the exciting move. If the property is being used as a second home, on arrival you will not need to worry about what to do first as you will be welcomed to a sparkling clean home, fresh laundry, and anything from airport transfers, car rentals, attraction tickets etc can be arranged. Likewise, for individuals looking to rent their property, Ideal Homes Portugal can organise preparation prior to a client's arrival, insert welcomes packs with knowledgeable information on surrounding areas and things to do, along with carrying out inspections, taking inventory and offering out of hours contact.